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This FAQ relates to download and installation of LiveEdit. For information on how to use LiveEdit, refer to the manual included with every release.

Q: Which file(s) should I download to use LiveEdit?
A: If you are on Windows 95/98/Me, download the latest version that has the word ANSI in the filename (e.g. If you are on Windows NT/2000/XP, download the file that has the word Unicode in it (e.g. If you are on Windows 95/98/NT, you will also need to download the required library.

Note: The ANSI and Unicode builds are not compatible with one another. If you are using the Unicode build, first verify that the remote party is using the Unicode build before connecting. If necessary, the party using the Unicode build should download and install the ANSI build (not vice versa) in order to insure compatibility.

Q: After I've downloaded the files, how do I install the program?
A: All released files are compressed into zip archives to reduce file size. In order to extract the files contained within, you will need a zip extractor, such as 7-Zip. Once you have installed 7-Zip or another extractor, extract the files in the archive to a directory of your choosing, and double-click LiveEdit.exe (it might appear as just LiveEdit) to run the program. If you are running Windows 95/98/NT, extract the files from the required library zip archive to the same directory as the LiveEdit program before attempting to run LiveEdit.

Q: Why are there 8 extra characters at the end of the filename on each zip file (e.g.
A: These 8 characters are known as a CRC-32 hash, encoded in base 16 (hexadecimal).

Q: How do I create a shortcut to LiveEdit on the Desktop or Start Menu?
A: First, browse to the directory that you extracted LiveEdit to using Windows Explorer. Then, right click on the executable file (LiveEdit.exe or sometimes just LiveEdit), and select "Create Shortcut" on the context menu that appears. A shortcut should have been created in the same directory as the program. Simply drag this shortcut onto the Desktop or Start Menu, and you can start LiveEdit via the shortcut.

Q: Where can I find more information on how to use LiveEdit?
A: There is a help manual that is included with every release. To view it, select Help, then Manual from the program menu. If you have further questions, feel free to contact one of the members of the project.

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